The Batcave, which was held at Gossips in Dean Street (Soho), was an early goth nightclub in London, England. As one of the most famous meeting points for early goths, it lent its name to the term Batcaver, used to describe old school goths. It was run by Ollie Wisdom, the lead singer in the house band, The Specimen, Its influence on the goth scene was more fasion-wise than musical-wise, although bands such as Alien Sex Fiend was very influent on things such as the use of synths in gothic music.

Regulars at the Batcave included Goth legends such as Nick Cave and Robert Smith.

The club opened in July 1982. Originally specialising in New Wave and Glam rock, it later focused on Gothic music.

There were mainly three bands performing there, namely Alien Sex Fiend, Sex Gang Children and The Specimen. Their style was later betitled as Batcave.

The name 'The Batcave' is also now used to refer to Albion,a cyber/gothic/industrial nightclub in New York City.