A historically important house and techno club in Soho, London. Tim Fielding set the club up in 1990. Several now famous DJs and producers played at the club, including Orbital, Leftfield, Billy Nasty, Moby, Graeme Park, The Shamen, Mixmaster Morris, Andrew Weatherall, and A Guy Called Gerald. At the time there was little actual live performance on the techno scene (this would change later with the advent of raves). The Brain encouraged live sets and P.As at a time when only mainstream house music used vocals on tracks (see Rising High Collective)

Tim Fielding also set up Brainiak Records (now defunct) releasing music by such early UK electronic heroes as Ultramarine, Doi-oing, Pete Lazonby and Infinite Wheel, as well as legendary London promoter Sean McLusky’s Live at the Brain series and eventually B-Sides, The Best of Brainiak.

In 1994 Fielding co-founded Mr C's London nightclub The End.

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