A local attraction on Mathew Street in Liverpool, England, opened in 1984. The Cavern Mecca was built as a tribute to The Cavern, once located nearby, where The Beatles and numerous other rock-n-roll, skiffle, and jazz bands played, from the 1950s until the mid-1960s. Sometimes well-known groups performed, but they were mostly homegrown.

After a failed 1970s reopening, the original Cavern was demolished during construction of an underground railway. Some of its bricks were used in construction of the Cavern Mecca, which features a precise re-creation of the old Cavern stage.

Ringo Starr highlighted a visit to the Cavern Mecca in the 1993 TV special Ringo Starr: Going Home, and Paul McCartney performed live on its stage on December 4, 1999, to promote his album Run Devil Run.

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