The Latin Casino was a Philadelphia-area nightclub famous for showcasing entertainers like Jackie Wilson (who suffered a major heart attack on stage and lived comatose for 9 more years), Frankie Avalon (whose family owned "King of Pizza" directly across the street), Richard Pryor (who recorded his 1975 album ...Is It Something I Said? there) and Frank Sinatra. The supper club originally resided on Walnut St. and Juniper in Philadelphia moved to Rt. 70 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It closed with the dissolution of the supper club set, but was reopened as the rock club Emerald City and boasted a neon light show over the dance floor that cost in excess of one million dollars. Emerald City hosted major acts of the time which didn't have the drawing power to fill arenas and stadiums. It was torn down in the 1990s and replaced by Subaru's North American headquarters.