Miss Moneypenny's is a house music nightclub that was founded in Birmingham, England, in 1986.

The nights were originally associated with Chuff Chuff rave events, initially held as boat parties, with founding members Mick, Jim, and Dermot Ryan, and Lee Garrick taking turns to entertain the crowds as DJs. The first of these parties was held in the "Pride of the Midlands" steam ship on the River Severn, but the parties moved on to stately homes as their popularity grew. The reputation of these small, infrequent parties spread, and so Miss Moneypenny's was started in the summer of 1993 as a weekly Saturday-night event across Birmingham and the Midlands.

Miss Moneypenny's has been regularly featured on BBC Radio 1 and in various DJ magazines, and has been voted a top U.K. dance nightclub since the early 1990s. Renowned for its flamboyance, lavish decor, clientele, and costumed dancers, the club now has a purpose-built venue in the Hockley district of Birmingham.

Miss Moneypenny's also hosts nights on the island of Ibiza at El Divino in Ibiza Town.

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