Mississippi Nights is a music club in Saint Louis, Missouri, that has achieved minor recognition for the number of big-name acts and performers the venue has hosted.

The club is located on the 'right', or 'western' bank of the Mississippi River, several hundred yards north/upstream from the Saint Louis Gateway Arch at historic Laclede’s Landing in downtown Saint Louis. One reviewer called it a "huge warehouse-like space" which "walks the line that separates 'music club' and 'concert venue.'"

Concerts at the venue, which holds up to 2,000 people, are usually 'all ages' events. About one in 50 shows are restricted to people of the age of 21 or greater (the drinking age for alcoholic beverages in Miissouri) or above.

A Citysearch review said the club's management "has consistently shown a keen eye for booking bands whose star is on the rise."

Among the acts which have appeared at Mississippi Nights are:

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