The Paradise Garage disco is a notable club in the history of modern nightclub culture. It was located at 84 King Street, New York City and operated from 1977 to 1987 and it was the playground of DJ Larry Levan. It was actually constructed in an old parking garage, hence the name. The Paradise Garage was heavily influenced by another club that had come before it known as The Loft, which was run by David Mancuso.

The sound system was developed by Richard Long and Associates (RLA) and was said by those that attended to be the best in New York City at that time. The style of the sound system has become the model for sound systems the world over and has been copied by superclubs such as the Ministry of Sound in the United Kingdom.

What became known as "The Garage Sound" or "Garage Music" led to the birth of West End Records, run by Garage co-founder Mel Cheren. Among its successes were "Sessomatto" by Sessa Matto, Karen Young's "Hot Shot," "Heartbeat" by Taana Gardner and "Don't make Me Wait" by the New York Citi Peech Boys. West End Records folded for a number of years, re-opening in the late 90's and releasing one of Levan's DJ sets recorded live at the Garage.

The building which formerly housed the Paradise Garage is currently a Verizon Communications facility.

Music Edit

The unique and eclectic style of disco and dance musics played at the Garage gave rise to the descriptive terms "garage", "garage style" and "garage classic" (to describe a record that was made famous or is associated with the Paradise Garage). When the term "garage music" is used in reference to the Paradise Garage, it does not exclusively mean house music, although certain house tracks may be considered to be garage classics. The term "garage" has changed meaning over time, see garage for a more detailed description.

This form of music is not in any way related to garage rock.

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