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The Limelight is the name of a string of different nightclubs that were owned and operated by Peter Gatien: one in Miami, one in Atlanta, one in New York, and one in London.

Two were located in old churches: the one in New York and the one in London:

  • The next Limelight was opened in Atlanta, Georgia in February 1980. It was housed in a strip mall in the former home of the Harlequin Dinner Theatre. In 1983, Gatien moved to New York to open another Limelight club and his brother Maurice was given the reins of the Atlanta club. Maurice reportedly had less talent for the nightclub world than Peter. "Peter was the brains behind the operation," says house photographer and publicist Guy D'Alema. "Maurice ...didn't want to spend a dime and didn't have a creative bone in his body." The club was located next to a 24-hour Kroger's grocery store, which became known, affectionately, as "Disco Kroger."

While Gatien's Limelight is no longer at the center of NY nightlife, many of the cadre of club kids continue to be quite active. Richie Rich, Kenny Kenny, Rik Parker, Amanda Lepore, Sofia Lamar, and many others from the Limelight, TWILO, and Tunnel era can be found hosting and promoting the top parties in Manhattan.

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